Start Mt etna carbon dating

Mt etna carbon dating

What we would first like to display for the discerning mind is what can really be observed in the fossil record, which is subtly hidden from the unsuspecting onlooker in the museums of natural history around the world.

At the Royal Tyrell Museum in Alberta Canada they still use this same philosophy to “prove” Evolution with models of fish in the water and then an Amphibian on dry land with his tail in the water.

I pointed out to the curator that all I saw in their display was a fish (which exist today) and an amphibian (which exists today), one in the water, one on dry land. What was missing were all the transitional creatures that are supposed to be in between but have not been found after centuries of digging. The curator humbly agreed that this was a poor representation.

This of course gives the impression (especially with the commentary supplied) that things have been changing for the better over long periods of time, and that all creatures found in the fossil record are very old, outdated and extinct creatures that have long ago ceased to exist.

But, if we were to see the whole of the fossil record, and we were not influenced from years of evolutionary training in the science class, and bombarded with evolutionary biased programs, journals and magazines etc, and if we were to go out into the field and examine the evidence for ourselves, I think we would come up with a totally different conclusion.

” There is nothing found in between all the living kinds linking one species to another so they are most suitably called “ Missing Links”, for the simple reason that they do not exist.

Even the most elite Evolutions have been baffled by the lack of transitionary fossils.

We should find ample evidence of transitionary fossils, but mysteriously it is absent in the evolutionary presentations.