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Mwf chat line

Play games such as Sabotage and Ground War to get lots of experience points because both games offer many kills. Better accuracy Once you get the Red Dot Scope add-on to your weapons, use it over the ACOG scope.

Just run around holding down the trigger, taking down as many people as possible.

This is very fast paced, and you should get points very quickly.

Use a text editor to edit the "config.cfg" file in the "\players\profiles\[profile name]\" directory in the game folder. That value is the number of enemy Intel Pieces that have been found. Alternately, collect the indicated number of Intel pieces (enemy laptop computers) hidden throughout the game to unlock the corresponding cheat option: COD Noir: 2 Intel pieces. They provide huge boosts and will quickly level you up to get new guns.

Collect all intel computers to unlock several cheats (such as infinite ammo). You can get them through mission select at any time.

The third phase of the challenge usually ends with 1,000 experience points, which usually increases you a rank in itself.

Also, do not forget about the strange challenges like jumping 15 feet and surviving or falling 30 feet to your death.

SAVE NOW We monitor our lines with a 24 hour call center to make your experience a safe and pleasurable one.

Cheat Codes Enable the console at the options menu. Note: Open the cfg file with a text editor and change the "seta monkeytoy" value from "1" to "0" if needed. Your total number of intel can be seen in the "Intel Cheats" section of the main menu.

All intel locations Search the indicated locations to find all 30 intel computers.

Note: The golden version of the weapons does not boost any attributes and is just purely cosmetic.

This is a multiplayer only mode that starts you back at level 1. Golden weapons Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding golden weapon camouflage.