Start Myanmar sex date

Myanmar sex date

Yangon the former capital your best bet for finding a local Burmese girl.

If you’re planning to meet Burmese girls on your next trip, you will need to read this article.

Meeting normal girls who speak good English is not that easy.

Asian Dating is probably the best for Yangon and Mandalay.

There are no Go Go bars or Strip clubs so don’t expect to find any, this is not Bangkok or Pattaya and you will have to do things the more old fashioned way.

If you want to meet-up with normal Burmese girls for free, read this article.

The country is in its infancy in terms of freedom and it will be some years yet till they embrace the western culture.

Almost all of them will say yes and taking them back to your hotel or apartment after the first or second date is not hard.

Girls on Asian Dating are not hookers (okay about 5% of them are), they are regular girls who like western guys and can speak English. I’ve used it with great success in Laos each time I’m on a Visa run.

So we will concentrate our focus on Rangoon These dim lit bars are great fun, very cheap and a great way to start the evening.

They are easy to find as they are dimly lit and normally have a girl singing on stage.

All you have to do it sign up a few weeks before your trip, message 5-10 girls and ask if they would like to meet up with you when you land. You don’t need to super attractive but make sure the photos you upload are clean and you’re wearing at least a t-shirt and jeans.