Start Online dating response rate

Online dating response rate

Probably the most difficult part of online dating is the first message that you send to a new woman you’ve found.

As long as you follow the recipe outlined below, you can change the wording up yourself and it will still work just as well.

That’s what I do to keep things fresh, and it always makes women respond since the main concept is so strong.

It begins with this:“I read your profile and noticed something that I can’t say about many girls on this website, you actually have a personality.

Individually they varied a lot in terms of their attractiveness level, but taken as a whole were pretty much average-looking guys.

After that, seal the deal by asking her to check out your joke-laden profile.

If she’s interested, tell her to shoot you an e-mail back and that you look forward to hearing back from her (say this, it shows confidence because you’re basically assuming she will respond again).

This must be NOT done from a needy or timid stance, but instead gives the vibe that you are just sick of the other women online and that she seems to be a breath of fresh air.