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for ladies only for nights in/out social or private occassions.

Privately owned by the Mike Adenuga Group which also consists of Equatorial Trust Bank (ETB), Conoil PLC, a petroleum marketing company, and Conoil Producing, a crude exploration company.

You've done well so far K because others doing a search will be alerted by the post and be my scammer tried to contact me via sms message just not sure what to do? If you reply it will only give the scammer more ammunition to play with.

There is a post on the page dated Tue 08 March 2011.

Here are some of the letters he sent me I love u so much Hide Details FROM: Colonel peter Anderson TO:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Saturday, 22 January 2011 PMHey Babe, I was sleeping, my hand was searching for you, but you were not there. I didn't know that you saw me blinking, getting glimpses of you.

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allows me to give into my addiction; I love meeting all these men.