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Overweight personal dating sites

I see a heated thread complaining about smokers and some mention that they won't date a smoker because of the adverse health effects to the smokers and to themselves from 2nd hand smoke. What I was wondering is do you consider the adverse health effects of a guy who is overweight ? I have dated guys who were very skinny and then on the flip side have dated men who were a little overweight. Personally the guy would have to be Un-healthy , I know quite a few people who have a few extra pounds but take care of there bodies. There is average weight ranges based on height and bone structure... It really comes down to how you look and less about how much you weigh compared to how tall you are. I think Paris Hilton is one of the most disgusting women in the world. but theres no way in hell im getting down to what they say i should weigh... *lol*im healthy, no heart problems, no diabetes or anythign else relating to being over weight.i work out 4 times a week, walk 45 minutes every day, and eat pretty healthy, but i do indulde in some bad foods once and a while... so i will get a small order from time to a big girl, and im not afraid to admit that... those solid guys (not so big on flabby big and im not talking about cut guys either)...i guess i cant put how much overweight into a number... Sometimes people look at my picture and email just to lecture on my weight.

Really nice girl and all, and good on her for getting herself down to a normal size, but man, her body was a disaster. lots of betas have frighteningly low standards otherwise how would some of those landwhales (ughh! (shudder)I have a friend who during his first year residency as a dr, one day came over to my place to get stoned after a long shift and he was telling me how he was currently working at a public hospital in a lower socio economic area (full of westies and bogans) as the 'obstetrics registrar' and said to me when I asked how work was, and he said "It's making me sick as all I am doing is delivering babies to these morbidly obese women with insipid skinny little husbands"I his disgust and I'm sure the 'obese bitch/skinny father with a 'big dick' (that can reach past the fat! It's frightening Getting pregnant whilst morbidly obese (or over 35, for that matter) should count as child abuse.

) combo is a thriving reality in most maternity hospitals, it's as if many women decide once they've become pregnant and /or has a child, that they're no longer responsible for "what happens to their bodies" using 'pregnancy and motherhood' as the ultimate justification for becoming obese! Combine with them the betas who 'think' they can prove their manliness by becoming a father/breeding! People don't seem to give a shit about limiting birth defects anymore; enjoy your waterhead babies, I guess.agreed, although I have an issue with limiting people's freedoms to think and act, the 'act of breeding' is one we should put more thought into rather than spouting bullshit about 'family values' which makes numptys who have nothing to teach their kids The old "license to drive a car" argument comes to mind.

First they say I'm sexy, then I tell them, ''thanks but no thanks'' and then i'm fat and ugly. Maybe I'm sexy until you figure out you can't get into my pants. Unfortunately my soulmate lives on a mountain in Tibet and doesn't have the internet, a phone, or even know I exist. I think the thing would be for me can they keep up with me, Can they hike 8 miles min, and me not thinking they are going to die of a heart attack or stroke. As stated in another reply, we can't please everybody on this site, nor do we want to! Morbidly obese is a different kettle of fish, to me.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

The reformed fat girls I know have both (there are only two) said they got fed up with being the 2am safe bet for a cavalcade of cocks.

All those dicks apparently drilled some sense into them because they realized the reality of the situation and fixed their shit.

Truth be told a reformed fat girl is one of the best bets for an LTR.