Start People of color dating

People of color dating

Unpacking, unlearning, and resisting it is a lifelong and diligent struggle.

“Dear Gay Men of Color: Stop Begging Racist White Gay Men to Love You” by a blogger named The Magical Beautiful Petty Black Prince spoke to an issue I’ve been thinking about for quite some time: the ways that the conversation on racist dating standards continue to center white folks and try to appeal to and appease them.

There are so many ways we’re trained to hate ourselves in relation to how not-white we are.

What makes us think we didn’t also internalize ways to also hate each other?

This is also something that doesn’t impact all people of color equally.

Depending on a variety of factors about our bodies, we’re all in different relations to whiteness.

Race and gender are constructed alongside one another.

And people of color face so many dehumanizing, desexualizing, hypersexualizing stereotypes based on our race and genders.

The conversations around the ways we internalize racism frequently focus on how we were taught to think about in relation to whiteness.