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Some of the most notable wives (beyond Nephthys/Nebet Het)are Neith (with whom he is said to have fathered Sobek), Amtcheret (who he is said to have fathered Upuat with- though Upuat is also said to be a son of Aser/Osiris in some places), Tuaweret is also sometimes said to be one of his wives, Hetepsabet (one of the Hours) is a feminine was-beast headed Goddess who is variously described as wife or daughter of Set, Anat and Astarte (two "import" Goddesses from Mesopotamia.

Both are equally skilled in love and war- two things which Set himself was famous for).

This assimilation also led to Anubis being displaced, in areas where he was worshiped, as ruler of the underworld, with his situation being explained by his being the son of Osiris.

As Isis represented life, Anubis' mother was identified instead as Nephthys.

Consequently, Set became associated with things that were red, including people with red hair, which is not an attribute that Egyptians generally had, and so he became considered to also be a god of foreigners.

Set's attributes as desert god lead to him also being associated with gazelle, and donkeys, both creatures living on the desert edge.

Due to developments in the Egyptian language over the 3,000 years that Set was worshiped, by the Greek period, the t in Set was pronounced so indistinguishably from th that the Greeks spelled it as Seth.

The exact translation of Set is unknown for certain, but is usually considered to be either (one who) dazzles or pillar of stability, one connected to the desert, and the other more to the institution of monarchy.

It is reconstructed to have been originally pronounced * based on the occurance of his name in Hieroglyphics (swtḫ) and his later mention in the Coptic documents with the name Sēt.

Set- As he was the god of the desert, Set was associated with sandstorms, and desert caravans.

This led to an explanation in which Nephthys, frustrated by Set's lack of sexual interest in her, disguised herself as the more attractive Isis, but failed to gain Set's attention because he was Infertile.