Start Reformed baptist dating site

Reformed baptist dating site

Whenever I read pastor Doug Wilson’s site, Blog and Mablog, I vacillate between two differing reactions. But most of the time I slap my head to the desk top and mutter ‘What the eff did I just read?

Given the emphasis of this blog, I believe he was mistaken but I knew a denial would not amount to anything but further accusations.

Fear of exposure to a lifestyle that looks more appealing?

Nancy Campbell is preaching what amounts to isolation in this piece titled “Above the Normal” Unfortunately if their version of life is so much better…

Nope, if there is any cult behavior, brain washing/dirtying, or inappropriate indoctrination of children it’s not members of other faiths and non faith communities doing the brain washing. In the course of looking through some of his stranger ideas there were articles on his showering with boys, and animal abuse in his childhood. James Dobson believes in showing with boys to inoculate them against developing into homosexuals. A skewed view unsupported by anything like reality.

According to her modern women are all twerking, blaspheming feminists.

Honest internal hypocrites: Their internal beliefs contradict their actions.

Their internal beliefs remain constant despite their contradicting actions.

Here are the demeaning and disgusting labels she hangs on other women, denying their humanity or that they were created in the image of God.