Start Regret interracial dating

Regret interracial dating

That obstacle out of the way, we married and lived our lives together happily for many years until last year.

Of course, her family already knew the story, but it was not something that they ever spoke of.

There are seemingly so many white men cruising the internet seeking and reading tales of the cheating white wife, wives gone black, and cuckolded husbands.

Those of you reading this take my story for what it is intended - as a warning. We had been married for 20 years and had a very strong marriage.

A Warning to White Husbands Appreciated what you have.

That is the lesson that I hope to pass on to those of you who read this.

One in particular, Michael, stood out and seemed especially promising.

He was not pushy, was intelligent, and he lived about an hour from us.

Specifically, I sought out Black Men and began to ask them if they would be interesting in sexing or breeding my wife.