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Rubber band approach dating

All the pronouncements in the world, from the extremes of "his cell phone is flakey/he's very busy/he's being held captive somewhere" to "this is just how HE is, deal with it or leave," to "boys will be boys will be rubber bands," wont provide for an INFORMED decision.

I would personally not phone again after that and if more than a day passed without him returning the missed call, I would consider him no longer interested and I would move on.

If he did call again several days (or longer) later, I would base my behaviour on his behaviour.

i don't know how this dating thing is supposed to progress when someone is keen vs luke warm vs just taking their time and i'm likely over analysing as it was the first time we had sex and whilst a big deal to me, i acknowledge not such a big deal/emotional investment for a guy.

he did say he was happy to wait if i wanted to put it off longer but i couldn't! lasted a month, 5 dates incl a sleep over before i couldn't wait any longer though!

The only thing you can be sure of right now, is that YOU feel put out.

If you MUST make a decision about him right now, you can only use that one fact to make your decision.

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