Start Sacramento library speed dating

Sacramento library speed dating

One way to bring more patrons into libraries is by sponsoring clever concepts such as the one at the El Dorado County Library through Feb. Since you can’t see who the authors are, or the titles of the books, make your choice by size to “take home some excitement with an unfamiliar face.” The books are recommended reads chosen by the staff and informed patrons, in a range of genres.

This perhaps has to do with the frenetic speed with which “Lady Bird” moves—by the way, that’s the name Christine pretentiously has taken on in order to set herself apart from all her peers.

Gerwig is working in the same self-deprecating but entirely empathetic style as Woody Allen, Albert Brooks, and Whit Stillman (whose “Damsels in Distress” features Gerwig in an adorkable role).

Gerwig’s directorial and editing speed helps flesh out multiple mini-narratives at once—like the best friend’s crush on their math teacher and a slightly socially awkward father/son subplot in which the younger man gets a job over his much more experienced father—that might normally be more fleshed out fully in a TV series.