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Derricks race didnt end like Aubreys, but Derrick wasnt finished. During that intermission, we watched Gordy Myers win one and lose one. Although I only got to see him race one time, it wasnt his day either.

Thats a grin I will remember for a long time and Im sure she will too!

At the end of the evening, all our Medicine Lodge people had been eliminated, but this was a great experience and probably one of our funnest mini-road trips we had taken in quite sometime.

It was really good to see him and great to hear about his missions work in India. God answered prayers for Brett and now he has the peace of mind knowing that hes going to be ok! I always feel bad when I make a mistake in the paper.

The surgeon came out and asked for the Fincher family. Last week I thought we had a phone number wrong in an ad, but it turns out the phone was just messed up for a day.

Just a couple of months ago, we lost a great friend.

Ron Fincher passed away at the Kansas Heart Hospital after complications from open heart surgery.

Thank you to the Myers and the Swineharts for letting us hang out with you all and see an unusual and entertaining family bond! The thought of your child, whether first one, or the last one, or the middle one graduating just makes you about spin out of control. There will be new freedom and the ability for them to choose their paths.

There will be some mistakes made and some will face struggles, but Im confident that they will find their way. The doctor looked a little surprised when she answered, "Because I drank and smoked when I was pregnant with him." Ive always admired the class of this woman and her family. Bush by telephone shortly before her death to tell her he loved her, and she replied that she loved him too.

A quote on my desk reads, "If we cant find it, you dont need it." Its a Ron Fincher quote.

His son, Brett Fincher, has been a life long friend.

Keep in mind, Brett works out hard every day and jokingly we call him a "thoroughbred." Ronda and I drove up last Wednesday for Bretts procedure. We caught up in the lobby and waited for news on Brett.