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Single parent dating books

Not only does the teen have to struggle with a broken home, it’s likely she will never develop any self-control.

Keep in mind that you may need to ask another adult, such as a mature friend, youth pastor, or counselor, to intervene.

Your teen may be able to hear things from this other person that he refuses to hear from you. I recently asked a single mom who is a good friend of mine, “What do you think is the biggest mistake single parents make?

” Without hesitating, she said, “Not allowing their kids to fail.” My friend was talking about rescuing young kids and teens from experiencing their consequences.

I have a single-parent friend who always felt guilty whenever she grounded or took privileges away from her teens.

But her kids have grown up, and they have come back to her and said, “Thanks for being strict, Mom.

Besides, he’s almost an adult anyway, so he probably doesn’t even need a lot of me.

While your teen is almost an adult, he still needs bonding time with you in order for him to feel safe and loved and to help him sort out the vagaries of teen life.

You have to meet all the needs of your kid, over many years, without the help of a spouse. Townsend) closest friends are single parents, and my heart breaks with theirs when they encounter the rough years of parenting.