Start Southampton dating scan

Southampton dating scan

This may lead to lasting improvements in their health and well-being, and in that of their child.

All research staff are equipped with a list of helpline numbers so that participants can be referred to the appropriate service should it be necessary. Princess Anne Maternity Hospital, Southampton (UK)When is the study starting and how long is it expected to run for?

It is also found that one third of women have insufficient vitamin D in late pregnancy, which can affect their children’s fat and bone mineral content.

This study aims to find out whether a behaviour change intervention given by nurses and aimed at improving lifestyle during pregnancy will help improve a vitamin D supplementation intervention and have a positive effect on maternal and infant health. Pregnant women who are 18 years and over will be eligible if they attend the participating hospital for nuchal translucency or dating scans between 9 and 17 weeks of pregnancy and are aiming to give birth at a local maternity hospital. A research nurse will approach women at their screening or dating scan visits, screen them for eligibility and gain written informed consent.

Those in the behaviour change group will be engaged in a third conversation and review of progress.

At 34 weeks, women will have an extra 3D ultrasound scan, fill in a questionnaire and measurements taken at 14 weeks will be repeated.

They may also be chosen, at random, to have additional support from the nurse to explore in a conversation how to have a healthy pregnancy, and to set some goals for health behaviour change.

At 19 weeks women will have a routine NHS ultrasound scan and a research ultrasound scan.

There is a possible and very small risk of asthma in children born to mothers in the top levels of vitamin D.