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Speed dating vs internet dating

Cultivating and maintaining intrinsic motivation is a life-long skill that all students can develop.

One first step is to listen to your students, get to know them, their interests, and their dreams.

Use these “data” points to tailor curricula to help hook them into the topic.

Learning to be satisfied with a job well done is an important part of growing up.

Giving positive feedback frequently can instill intrinsic motivation, as can using the students’ interests to teach a subject.

While this may sound like a falsified form of educating children, the end result may be the same; students end up learning the same amount of material regardless of how they are motivated to do so.

However, research into the long-term gains, or lack thereof, with such an approach should caution teachers against overuse.

However, in jest, a downside to extrinsic motivation is that it can get expensive for the motivator.