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In 2016 the people of Taiwan entrusted my Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) with the twin tasks of reform and renewal. My plan for 2017 is for Taiwan to renew its role as a pioneer, preserving our basic social safety net while revitalising the economy with a new development model.

Dozens of residents are reported to be trapped in the city of Tainan, those houses nearly two million people.

Slow growth, rising inequality and new security threats are testing economic and political institutions around the world.

Taiwan, no less than other countries, will be defined by how it responds to these difficulties.

-Jim Linton VK3PC, IARU Chairman Disaster Communications Committee.

In 1996 Taiwan held its first-ever presidential election, marking our transition into a full democracy.

As a trade negotiator, I saw first-hand how Taiwan was overcoming hurdles—both domestic and international—to joining the World Trade Organisation. But lately, for many Taiwanese, that bright light has dimmed amid an uncertain global environment.

I now find myself Taiwan’s leader at a time of vast economic and political challenges.

We are stepping up engagement with ASEAN, south Asia, Australia and New Zealand via our “New Southbound Policy”.