Start Uc davis career speed dating

Uc davis career speed dating

At the sound of a buzzer that rang every several minutes, clusters of individuals arose, shuffled amongst one another, and reorganized themselves into separate designated tables.

Students will have the ability to connect with Ph D alumni from the social sciences and humanities who have successfully translated their degrees into careers beyond the tenure track. Graduate Students will be divided into groups based on career interests, and rotate between tables to meet a broad range of mentors in a "speed dating" format. Reception on the patio, with the chance to follow up and make connections with alumni that caught your interest.

Sharing their experiences and offering creative solutions to the challenges of life post-graduation will be over a dozen alumni from: a.m. "How to Network" Workshop, led by Marjannie Akintunde, UC Davis Career Services for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars - p.m.

“They really threw me right in, and I much prefer that,” she said.