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Updating changes to exchange2016

For instance, CU4 for Exchange Server 2016 is called "Exchange Server2016-x64-CU4" The big deal with the previous CU3 release (released back in September), was that it finally permitted Exchange 2016 to run on Windows Server 2016.

However, if an organization doesn't apply KB4013429, then they'll have "an Exchange uninstall failure" when decommissioning a server, Microsoft's announcement warned.

The Exchange team also said that its policy change was being driven by potential conflicts between the Smart Screen filter used with Windows, Internet Explorer and the Edge browser.

The new behavior introduced by KB4013429, combined with our product direction to discontinue filter updates, is causing us to deprecate this functionality in Exchange Server 2016 more quickly if Windows Server 2016 is in use.

Organizations have the option to "delay deploying KB4013429 to your Edge role or uninstall the update" as a temporary workaround.

After the KB[4013429] is applied, the Exchange Transport Service will crash on startup if the content filter agent is enabled on the Exchange Server.

The Edge role enables the filter by default and does not have a supported method to permanently remove the content filter agent.

The cumulative updates released this week were CU4 for Exchange 2016 and CU15 for Exchange 2013.

The update rollups released this week were RU16 for Exchange 2010 Service Pack 3 and RU22 for Exchange Server 2007 SP3.

The deprecation of the Smart Screen filter for Exchange Server and Outlook turns out to have had other implications, particularly for organizations running Exchange Server 2016 on Windows Server 2016.

A March quality update known as "KB4013429" will cause crashes for organizations that continue to use the filter, and that's partly why Microsoft is deprecating the Edge role, apparently.

It's also used to apply transport rules to messages, as well as to provide address rewriting and antispam protections.