Start Updating firefox portable

Updating firefox portable

Size : 17.27mb 3) Safari 5.0.3 : I agree that apple safari is not that lite as the other browsers are, but as per my testing and report this browser never crashes when we open large number of tabs and high graphic pages which load slow.

This list is my own custom made report, i have tested each and every browser very carefully and noted there working capability by putting a lot of stress on each of the individual browser while working and to my surprise the results were quite amazing and now i will present the top 5 browsers whom you can trust to work for hours without any problems.

The browser will not crash very often and its really secured browser where you can do your work without any problems.

The new IE 9 is also extremely impressive and easy to use.

What it lacks is time as it swaps a hardware model for one that revolves around software and services.