Start Updating netbeans 6 1 to 6 5

Updating netbeans 6 1 to 6 5

* GUI Builder: Support for Nimbus and simple class names.

Note: This installer does not displace the system version of the Java platform that is supplied by the operating system.

Both the JDK and Net Beans IDE 6.9.1 have been tested on the following: Net Beans IDE is documented in the software's help system, however, additional documentation about developing with Net Beans IDE is available at

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Net Beans IDE 6.5 is a significant update to Net Beans IDE 6.1 and includes the following changes: * PHP support with code completion, Xdebug and web service features. * Automatic Compile and Deploy on Save for Java and Java EE applications.

There you can select and download the correct version.

Get Java 6 or 7 Net Beans IDE Only To use Net Beans with Alice you will need to download and install the Alice plugin for Net Beans.

To submit comments or suggestions about the J2SE JDK software, please send email to the appropriate Java technology engineering team.

For Net Beans software development team contact information or to learn more about Net Beans IDE and the Net Beans community, visit

This is required so that worlds created in your version of Alice will be usable in Net Beans.

Below you can find the corresponding plugins for our major releases.

For installation troubleshooting help please refer to the Net Beans Installation FAQ.