Start Updating photo gallery

Updating photo gallery

Just the act of uploading an image while editing this page/post will associate that image with the page and it will then appear in the gallery when the page is displayed.

Remember to Update your post/page when you are finished. You’ll see two little icons – the Edit Gallery and Delete Gallery icons.

Click on the Edit Gallery icon to see the Media box, open at the Gallery tab and showing a list of the images in this gallery.

Here’s how to add new photos to a Page or Post which displays an existing Gallery within Word Press.

Als je profielfoto geen vierkant is, kun je aanpassen welk deel van je profielfoto wordt gebruikt als de vierkante miniatuur.

Vista Photo Gallery, also known as Windows Photo Gallery, is a photo editing application that includes cropping, color correction and photo enhancement tools.

The application lets you quickly prepare pictures taken with your company’s digital camera and share them with associates via email or the Internet.

And remember to Update your post/page when you are finished.