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Uranium lead dating artifact blogroll trackback closed

In case of Moonbats, break glass, and grab the Armorer's Cluebat! ) 32 inches Moonbat-thumping reach - with a nice, cannon-like touch to the, ahem, barrel of the piece. It's on the net, in several places, too - not a complete cypher. It sits in a No 1 Mk III stock (incorrect for the rifle, technically - the Mk V had an extra reinforcing band and one-piece upper handguard) marked to the New South Wales police. Was hazarded as a guess on this post, is seen here with the striker, and has been viewed before (in context) in this pic. Following Bill's rule of showing the whole thing, sorta. This hint is in keeping with that, in grammatical, if not rhetorical, terms. Neffi knows his grenade butts, as he amply demonstrated. Y'know, that he'd guess it was this, or this, or this Caltrops. being collectors and not dealers, they tend to over-value their stuff, probably overpaid for it, and don't really want to sell it, anyway (like me! But their spouse wants some of that crap outta the house....

The brown enameled cup in the center is Brit WWII, but just a simple release from surplus stock.

THAT attracted some attention - not just from the LTs, who were pleased to see some of their stuff appreciated and utilized, but the Brit Para re-enactors... and some of the Castle holdings may make a few road trips to regional re-enactment events. And I think next year, I'm going to rent a table (hey, it supports the Fort Leavenworth Historical Society) and do a display myself. Thank you for your service, Lieutenants - not just to the Castle PIAT, but more importantly, to the state, the nation, and hopefully, the Iraqis.

well, let's just say no one had seen a PIAT in the flesh and the Castle PIAT got fondled. We'll close with a shot of the baby-faced Lieutenant, who managed to do what I specifically warned him not to do - get the propelling charge for the PIAT stuck in the bomb (which took the combined intellect of SWWBO and I to get back out! ) Yesterday's post having hit a chord with some, here's a follow-up... The Castle Collection has *several* items in it related to drinking... Since this is a photo-heavy post, I'm going to put the rest in the Flash Traffic/Extended Entry.

I didn't get their names, much to my chagrin - but, hopefully, they'll visit the Castle and drop me a line) I decided to do more than talk the talk, but I would walk the walk, as well.

I went home, got the PIAT and some of the more portable Vickers kit, and went back.

I helped them identify much of their kit they weren't sure of, showed them how some of it (like the WWI Brit artillery plotters) worked, and mostly listened to their tales from Iraq.

These guys found 200 (yes, that's 200 out of the 11,500 total produced) PIATs.

The Artifact Holdings have expanded by an even bigger item - one that might perhaps explain some historical results... Still serviceable, and which will be dispensing cheap wine at the Castle Blogmeet... Update: CAPT H provides the following Canadian cultural referents for SRD, which offer the very plausible explanation of SRD standing for Soldiers Rum, Demerara (Demerara being a type of rum made from Demerara sugar.) One of the more interesting aspects of being the Officer of the Guard is that you get to chat with the troops pulling duty in between their shifts.