Start Validating a dance specific screening test for balance

Validating a dance specific screening test for balance

Prereqs: AD 44800 with min grade of C AD 49100 Special Topics in Art Class: 1-3 Lab: 0 Credit: 1-3 Attributes: Variable Title Topics will vary.

Includes introduction to a variety of 3- D media and 3-D computer graphics concepts.

Class: 2 Lab: 2 Credit: 3 Students investigate mechanics of type, using both type and letter forms in a variety of design applications.

Electronic layout and typographical issues are discussed, and a page layout program is introduced to combine text with image.

Class: 2 Lab: 2 Credit: 3 This course presents a study of basic photographic technique from a practical and artistic point of view.

Guest speakers and selected readings will introduce the student to the scope of opportunities that exist for converting artistic and desigh skills into self- employment and entrepreneurship.

Class: 1 Lab: 2 Credit: 2 An undergraduate course designed to assist the student in gaining basic skills in art media and method as a beginning classroom teacher.

Students will be presented with the opportunity to develop aesthetic and compositional skills while building a portfolio of significant images.