Start Validating canadian atpl to faa

Validating canadian atpl to faa

Therefore, the national aviation authority of the Member State where an applicant resides or wishes to work should be contacted for further information concerning the applicable acceptance requirements.

The competent authority of the Member State to which an applicant applies will determine the conversion requirements, which can be reduced on the basis of a recommendation from an approved training organisation.

If the person's foreign pilot license shows a medical endorsement, the person should enter the word "endorsement" on FAA Form 8710-1, Section I, block R, or the equivalent class of medical certificate. AOPA's successful efforts to mitigate the effects of the rule led to several clarifications later issued by TSA.

If using Airman Certification and/or Rating Application (ACRA)/IACRA, enter the date of that endorsement in block S. This initial step is the responsibility of the applicant and not the FSDO. One of them removed "recurrent training" (flight reviews, aircraft checkouts, etc.) from the requirements of the rule.

Pilot Certificate or Rating Based on a Foreign Pilot License 14 CFR 61.75 allows a person to be issued a U. pilot certificate with private pilot privileges on the basis of a foreign pilot license that is equivalent to or higher than the U. The holder of a valid foreign pilot license issued by an ICAO member state may use that foreign pilot license as the basis for issuance of a U. pilot certificate even if the issuing country is now defunct (e.g., the Russian Federation). Read the FAA's Advisory Circular 61.35, Conversion Procedures and Processes for FAA Pilot Certificates and TCCA Pilot Licenses, and Transport Canada's General Aviation Advisory Circular 401-001 for information and instructions.