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Amid fears that Porter's past could become Hicks' present, Conway declared on CNN's 'State of the Union' program: 'I don't worry about her in that respect.' 'In the case of Hope, I have rarely met somebody so strong with such excellent – excellent – instincts and loyalty and smarts,' she added.'I didn't have the presence of mind and the professional capabilities at her age that I see in her every single day.'Conway said Hicks had 'a great support system around her' including West Wing colleagues, along with a big advocate in the Oval Office'Hope is absolutely fantastic,' President Trump said Saturday through a spokesperson.'She was with the campaign from the beginning, and I could not ask for anything more.

In the messages, the women arranged to meet for a drink in a D. She wrote: 'I am so so sorry I had to run out like that and wasn't feeling well!

Please let me venmo or pay pal you for the drinks.'Holderness' email to the FBI also recounts that Cunningham told him it was 'good' that Colbie was initially considering not talking to the FBI about her marriage and that it was better to 'bury the past and move on'The email reads: 'I told him that after he and I had spoken about Rob and the White House, that Colbie wanted to move past everything and her initial inclination was to not speak with the FBI.'Bryan said that was good.

In the email, obtained by Daily, her name has been removed as she is an alleged victim of domestic violence and has requested anonymity.

When Daily first confronted the White House eight days ago with an account from Porter's second wife, the West Wing went into a frenzy of activity – until publication of his first wife's gruesome black-eye photos led to his eventual exit.

The revelations by Daily have set of a crisis in the White House over the handling of Porter's past.

The pair were on their way to becoming a bona fide Washington power couple, as two of President Donald Trump's most trusted and closest aides.

In Skiffington Holderness' email to the FBI, also obtained by Daily, he expressed concerns that Porter's friend, Bryan Cunningham, who was a mutual acquaintance, was 'actively working to quell' issues surrounding Porter's background check for his White House security clearance.

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