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Who is sandra bernhard dating

In the documentary program Girls Who Do: Comedy, she discusses being a funny teenager.

Sandra began performing her first one-woman show called I'm Your Woman in 1985, and an album version was released.

Bernhard appeared in a variety of tiny film and television roles throughout the 1980s while crafting her stand-up routine into a more performance art oriented show.

" Declaring herself a "woman of rock & roll," she conjures a night of magical girl talk and tarot cards at home with Stevie Nicks: "She had all these Tiffany lamps with antique scarfs thrown over them, casting medieval shadows all around the room.

She kind of recognized me."The Nicks fantasy, a genuine tribute, is based on a night she spent bonding with Ann Wilson of Heart.

The turning point came when she met conceptual artist John Boskovich at an L.

With a keyboard player, they spent two years on the road, traveling to forty cities, honing and reshaping the act.

A gifted and funny comedienne and actress, Sandra is well-known for, amongst other accomplishments, her 1990 one-woman off-Broadway show, Without You I'm Nothing and her role as Nancy Bartlett on Roseanne.

Bernhard has often addressed her childhood in interviews and within the context of her stand-up comedy.

"Mister," she tells him, "if this is about , I'm getting out right now."Call it postcomedy.

Boskovich, whom she calls a "brilliant space case," urged her to quit the comedy circuit, where her material bore little resemblance to stand-up as we know it, and move instead into rock venues.

It wasn't like he said, 'Let me take you out to dinner.'"Sandra said she had been asked out to dinner by Jeff Goldblum, but they never had sex: "It was a date.