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Why do women lie about dating

A recent New York Times article titled “Love, Lies and What They Learned,” indicates that collectively, the major dating sites had more than 593 million visits in the United States last month.

Which seems to make men so hopping mad I'm surprised women continue to do it.

(Maybe we could all make a New Year's resolution to be as truthful as possible while online dating.) So what about the men online?

More men than women will fake enthusiasm for something they actually dislike.

Why we lie25% of people lied in their dating profile because they wanted to match their qualities with what the other person was looking for (men are four times more likely than women to do this).

Women are nine times more likely to lie on dating profiles due to feelings of insecurity. More Ways to Get Glamour Visit Shop for cute stuff starting at just $10!

Men are more than twice as likely to lie on dating profiles due to their insecurity .

One oft-quoted study found that online daters could be "somewhat creative with their identity and presentation of self." And although men and women can both be "somewhat creative," studies have found that men and women tend to lie about different things. As would be expected, studies including one in 2010 have found that women lie more about their weight.