Start Word 2016 validating bookmark values vba

Word 2016 validating bookmark values vba

The advice on form structure and planning applies to both types of fields.

I am not an expert at this, I'm a lawyer with a passion for efficiency and effectiveness.

These links are to archival versions.) Differences between online forms and controls from the controls toolbar - active tutorial by Dian Chapman, MVP showing use of Active X controls from toolbox and contrasting with formfields - when to use each Create Forms that Users Fill Out or Print on Word for Macintosh - Microsoft - Word 20 Note that this article erroneously labels legacy formfields as Content Controls. What I am talking about in this chapter is what is referred to as an online form in Microsofts documentation.

Such online forms can also be printed forms to be filled out by hand or on a typewriter.

These are also often referred to as protected forms because the only place you can type is in the areas open for that on the form.