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Wow not updating

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I haven't done any cleaning of the code so it's pretty messy and might still have a few bugs, but hopefully it can be helpful to someone. Please feel free to talk about the site, ask questions, or give feedback.

If you have questions about how to play your class, your class Discord channels will still be the best place for that.

Or perhaps for it just to be disabled in those zones?

Thanks, Matt I think i wasn't good understand you at first time - my English is more bad.. In Legion and in the old world, there are no saved times...

The correct code was in v7.2.002, removed in v7.3.001, and the code causing the problem was added in v7.3.002.

The problem is the 'or' conditions in the first if statement of the Init Source() function that is really causing the node enter hooks not to be initialised for the Broken Isle and Argus maps.

The correct code is: ------------------------------ function In Flight: Init Source() -- cache source location and hook tooltips ------------------------------ if Taxi Frame_Should Show Old Style() then for i = 1, Num Taxi Nodes(), 1 do local tb = _G["Taxi Button"..i] if tb and not tb.inflighted then tb: Hook Script("On Enter", post Taxi Node On Button Enter) tb.inflighted = true end if Taxi Node Get Type(i) == "CURRENT" then source = Shorten Name(Taxi Node Name(i)) end end elseif Flight Map Frame then local tb = Flight Map Pools.

Flight Map_Flight Point Pin Template for flightnode in tb: Enumerate Active() do if flightnode then flightnode: Hook Script("On Enter", post Taxi Node On Button Enter) end if Node == LE_FLIGHT_PATH_TYPE_CURRENT then source = Shorten Name(Node end end end end Turns out I am not the only one who noticed In Flight forgot multiple flight times with this version.

I was give you optional files of mod, but, if i understand you now, you want to see time on flight. But is very stange what you see on downloading files... I was downloading too, but it realy haven't time on flight for the Legion. But addon can count and remember the time of flying and show you if you use it direction again. If you will be read comments, it take you known about many problems comparability addon with 7.2 . I tried to install the from other players in the thread of the inflight_update addon, but it still shows no times...

My file for half a year has become longer by about 4000 lines in comparison with the last loaded in the mentioned topic, I think this is exactly those points of flights of additions after the Cataclysm, mainly the Legion. I think we just waiting for 7.3 or 8.0 version of Wo W for official upgrade this addon :-) And addon is not comparability with World Flight Map mod. when I install the addon via the curse client, I can see ingame the bars when I fly, but there are no time how long the flight takes, only "??

The blue bar displays the response time, which is better when smaller.