Start Wrt160n validating

Wrt160n validating

I could fill in mine credentials and was on my router I now this is a temporary solution for the time being. Detail says cert begins on 05/19/2004 and expires on 06/18/2004 (which doesn't make a lot of sense).

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There is a yellow error on my network connection icon indicating that there is limited or no connectivity.

I'm wondering if the security is slowing it down, but then why would the actual speed once you made that connection be fast.

You will now be able to authenticate successfully and will no longer see any certificate error messages.

Unfortunately I have not been able to resolve the same issue if you use Internet Explorer 7.

It's taking about 45 seconds to a minute to make that connection and often it says "it couldn't find the connection", but then finds it like 5 seconds later.