Start Xampp php ini not updating

Xampp php ini not updating

Instead of installing the new version the current one, I decided to take another route, which I will explain in this very post.

Note: Starting with XAMPP 1.7.2, XAMPP comes with PHP 5.3, not PHP 5.2.x.

Please see our wiki and the Net Beans PHP Editor Users' Forum for assistance.

You can also stop the processes that possibly listen to port 80.

Net Beans IDE for PHP version 6.7.x does not support the new PHP 5.3 functions.

Net Beans IDE for PHP 6.8, currently available as a development build, fully supports PHP 5.3.

This tutorial shows you how to install the XAMPP package.

The second way is to install and configure each component separately.

To have all the configuration settings for the PHP engine, the Apache HTTP Server, and the My SQL database server specified automatically, use an AMP package.